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Diving Whale Shark Area Seafari Resort provides free transfer from the resort to whale shark briefing area and vice versa, thus the payment for the encounter with the whale sharks is not included. Diving with gear: 3,500php/pax - Diving without gear: 2,800php/pax
Diving Sumilon Island Seafari Resort could arrange this activity for your convenience. Just go to the information desk for assistance. One dive (1 hour): 3,000php/pax
Two dives (2hours): 4,000php/pax
(NOTE:Diving rate does not include the boat transfer, therefore guests are obliged to pay 1,700php for boat transfer to Sumilon dive spot)
Whale Shark Encounter Tan-awan, Oslob, Cebu Whale shark watching in Cebu started last September 2011 and it became popular all over the world when the news hit in the internet last November 2011. Get fascinated to watch friendly creatures of the sea as you enjoy watching and swimming with the friendly whale sharks in Oslob Cebu.
Seafari Resort provides free transfer from the resort to whale shark briefing area and vice versa, thus the payment for the encounter with the whale sharks is not included.
Filipinos: 300php/pax
Foreigners: 500php/pax
Filipinos: 500php/pax
Foreigners: 1000php/pax
Sumilon Island Oslob, Cebu Sumilon is a small 24 hectare island located in the southeastern tip of Cebu that is a favorite diving milieu for all enthusiasts. Dubbed as the country’s first marine reserve, Sumilon Island is a treasure trove of hundreds of marine flora and fauna species guaranteed to give a truly unique diving experience. More to that, its white sand beaches are a venue for all beach sports and activities. It was declared a fish sanctuary in 1974 by the initiative of Silliman University Marine Reserve.sumilon diving Large coral formations blossom under its sparkling clear blue waters – a breeding foreground to one of the region’s most magnificent aquatic life. First option: Boat Rental (pick up will be in front of Seafari Resort)
1-4 pax 1,700 php
5-8 pax 2,000 php
9-12 pax 2,500 php
13-16 pax 3,000 php
17-20 pax 3,500 php
Tumalog Falls Oslob, Cebu Another must-see and recently discovered place in Oslob is the raw beauty of Tumalog Falls.
The falls have mini-umbrellas that cascade fine strands of cold, fresh water in a rain-like fashion. Imagine a tall wall, more than a hundred meters high, with drizzling cold water cascading on a rough mossy wall dotted with mushroom-like formations into a shallow perfectly turquoise pool. It really is beyond magical!
Jeepney or Multicab
400 php (2 pax)
excess 150 php/pax with entrance fee included
good for 1 hour
excess waiting time → 100 php/30 minutes
Oslob-Boljoon Tour Oslob,Cebu
Oslob-Boljoon Tour caters the round trip transfer from the resort to places where most of the tourists love to visit aside from whale watching. This tour includes going to Oslob's known Baluarte, Oslob Quartel Park, Oslob Parish Church, Museo Oslob, Boljoon's Eli Rock and Boljoon's Church. Jeepney or Multicab
1-3pax @ 1,500 php
4-6pax @ 2,000 php
7-9pax @ 2,500 php
10-12pax @ 3,000 php
13-15pax @ 3,500 php
good for 3 hours
excess waiting time → 500 php/ 30 minutes
Aguinid Falls Samboan, Cebu Aguinid Falls is unique because it is not a single waterfall. Rather it is a system of waterfalls that runs for a couple of kilometers along Tangbo River. Since it was promoted as an eco-tourism destination, locals and foreigners have witnessed this one-of-a-kind, multi-tiered waterfall system. Jeepney or Multicab
1,500 php (1-3 pax)
excess person/s 250 php/pax
with entrance fee
good for 3 hours
excess waiting time → 500 php/ 30 minutes
Osmeña Peak Dalaguete, Cebu Osmeña Peak , the highest mountain in Cebu is a cluster of green jagged hills like a deformed twin of Chocolate Hills of Bohol hugging the shorelines of Badian. This part of Dalaguete is reminiscent of Benguet. A serene town with low temperatures dotted with pine treees. A remote village inhabited mostly by vegetable farmers sporting their jackets, boots & jeans. And you will meet childred eagerly helping their families in their farm work. Here you'll see vines crawling in trees and gardens, rooster cocking and cozy wood houses. Jeepney or Multicab 2,500 php for 1-2 pax excess person/s → 250 php/pax good for 5 hours with entrance fee excess waiting time → 500 php/ 30 minutes
Kandungaw Peak/Strawberry Farm Dalaguete, Cebu (opens every Saturday and Sunday only) Sergio’s Farm brings strawberries closer to Cebuanos, making it the newest attraction in Cebu. Nestled in the fertile upland and pine-clad town of Dalaguete, Cebu’s very own “Little Baguio”, is an organic farm wherein variety of vegetables and fruits are produced. Sergio’s farm was built as a tribute to children’s love to their father, with a goal to promote the cultivation among local farmers and consumption by Cebuanos of naturally-grown vegetables and fruits without the synthetic chemicals and fertilizers. Jeepney or Multicab Special weekend offer with Osmeña Peak 3,500 php for 1-2 pax excess person/s → 250 php/pax good for 6 hours with entrance fee
Kawasan Falls Badian, Cebu Kawasan Falls is a must see attraction while you’re in town, it’s a three-layered waterfall system located at Barangay Matutinao. The water is fresh and crystal clear. The magical landscape of Kawasan Falls is very cool and refreshing, an ideal paradise to anyone who loves and want to get intimate with nature. Enjoy the cold swim in the fresh, crystal clear spring water of Kawasan Falls. Jeepney or Multicab
2,000 php for 1-2 pax
excess person/s 250 php/pax
good for 6 hours
excess waiting time → 500 php/ 30 minutes
Canyoneering Cebu Alegria-Badian, Cebu In the town of Badian in Cebu, awaits this adventure. Canyoneering or Canyoning is the term used for traveling in canyons using a variety of techniques that may include other outdoor activities such as walking, scrambling, climbing, jumping, rappelling, and swimming. Jeepney or Multicab
5,500 php good for 2 pax
excess person/s 2,000 php/ pax
good for 8 hours
excess waiting time → 500 php/30 minutes
Miraculous Shrine of Simala Sibonga, Cebu Sacred and downright beautiful, the Simala Shrine is a splendid monastery with a medieval castle-like architecture. Known as a miraculous church, Simala Shrine is usually flocked with pilgrims who would pray and show their devotions to Mother Mary. Option 1: Oslob to Sibonga and vice versa →3,500 php for 2 pax
excess person/s→ 500 php/pax good for 2 hours
Option 2: (If you avail transfer to Cebu City and you wanted to pass by the Shrine)
500 php/ pax good for 2 hours
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